About Sassy Kitchens


At Sassy Kitchens, Stephanie Smith serves up traditional Cajun dishes and New Orlean-style seafood she grew up with. Based in Atlanta, Stephanie offers personable, attentive service, and carefully prepared meals that “taste great.” While Sassy Kitchen currently only offers fresh food made to order and catering for events, we are working on solidifying a permanent location.

Sassy’s Mission

As the age-old says “the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” Sassy Kitchens create great food because we believe life is better with a freshly cooked meal, family, and love. And because some of the best conversations are had over great meals… Sassy Kitchens’ goal is to foster an environment of warmth and endless service that yields conversations that resonate about mental health. To accomplish our goal, we will partner with local community leaders, agencies, and companies to build a movement focused on bridging the ‘food desert’ and ‘mental health gap in our community.

The Sassy Story

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.”

–Proverbs 19:21

Stephanie Smith grew up in New Orleans and later moved to Atlanta to follow her dreams and build a legacy for her children. She began cooking at the tender age of five alongside her grandmother and mother and as she grew up further cultivated her passion for cooking for family functions.

While in college Stephanie and high school bestie Deshawn, started a small catering hustle in college to earn extra money. Together the two delivered supper plates while also feeding the homeless throughout the greater New Orleans area, before their temporary split due to Hurricane Katrina.

Stephanie later played a dominant role in helping her then-husband build his own business, which re-ignited her passion. Several life-altering events including a horrific car accident would leave Stephanie struggling with PTSD. But while pushing through recovery Stephanie refound her joy in cooking for others, especially Sunday dinners with family and friends.
Invitations from others to cook on a grander scale were God’s sign that cooking was Stephanie’s ministry and legacy. Through encouragement and support from her kids, family, and friends Stephanie stepped out on faith and Sassy Kitchens was born. As Stephanie likes to say, “when life gives you salt, use it for seasoning!” Stephanie’s Famous Seafood Gumbo, Shay’s
Shrimp Pasta and Toddy’s dirty rice are just a few items on the menu!

Through Sassy Kitchens Stephanie hopes to utilize her skills and experience to serve by providing mental health services and meals to the less fortunate.

Sassy Kitchens Nola LLC. is an official member of Lions Club International Foundation & Loganville Legacy Lions Club, Walton County Chamber of Commerce, and Gwinnett Women’s Chamber.

Stephanie also participate in the Dynasty Krewe of the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club in New Orleans, La.

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